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At Taira Promote, we help business accelerate digital growth with creative ideas enabled by technology.


Personalize Customer Communications

Leveraging technology to maximize content
We effectively convey the right message utilising our digital platforms and insights to your target audience. By delivering optimized proposals and plans based on technology and market understanding, our desire is to revolutionise the process of Content x System development with new content creation.

VR Training

VR / Digital Twin

Immerse in a whole new experience with a fusion of reality and virtual
Utilizing technology that fuses real-world and virtually created content, we can provide new experiences with unprecedented methods and expressions.
By applying the latest technology, we are able to resolve challenges and reinvent business virtually through digital twin technology.

Standardization /

Standardization / Manualization

Providing solution to a task is not merely creating a procedure
In the process of standardization in workplace, we work side-by-side with our customers to standardize operations through development of manuals and reconstruct operations to standardize process for various application to achieve business standardization.
We deliver unique UX design experiences and system development proposals to our clients to help accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Manufacturing Industry
Digital Transformation

Manufacturing DX

Promoting DX support for small and medium-sized enterprises
We will address the challenges of "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise DX" that are not understood by large enterprises.
As a "production company" for the manufacturing industry, our in-house team of IT experts can support SMEs digitalize based on the knowledge of the manufacturing industry.
With our past successful experiences, we aim to utilise these practical ways to help small and medium-sized enterprise succeeded in achieving its own DX.

AI / HealthTech

Artificial Intelligence / HealthTech

User behavior prediction with AI to avoid danger for people in a nursing home.
By using AI to analyze medical and nursing care data, also make decisions on user behavioral predictions, we are able to provide a user experience that will not only solve manpower shortages by improving operational efficiency but also ensure user safety and reduce the burden on workers.

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