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Taira Promote and oRo reached agreement on Strategic Business Alliance to provide Digital Marketing services in Asia Pacific Region


Nov. 1, 2023 – Taira Promote Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taira Promote”) and oRo Vietnam Co, Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Oro Vietnam”) today announced a strategic alliance to jointly deliver end-to-end digital marketing solutions including formulating and executing marketing strategy for clients in Asia Pacific.

Taira Promote is specialised in marketing content creation and digitalization for clients in automotive & mobility, manufacturing, and healthcare by using a cutting-edge technologies such as Extended Reality (xR), Gen-AI, Cloud Architecture.
On the other hand, Oro Vietnam provides a wide range of digital marketing services for clients in various industries, with a focus on communication strategies, and has particular strengths in improving DCX (Digital Customer Experience) for client business.

In this collaboration, Taira Promote and Oro Vietnam aim to provide optimal services towards enhancing digital utilization both within and outside client companies in the digital domain, by integrating various insights derived from past achievements, with the goal of improving performance and achieving mutual business expansion.

1. Background

With the diversification of digital services and customer needs in recent years, digital marketing has been promoted in a variety of industries and industries, and in particular, advanced efforts that combine various elements such as systems, data, and creativity are required to optimize various channels and improve performance. Skills and knowledge are required.

As a result, it is difficult for client companies to gather all the knowledge and skills for the use of digital technology, but at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen competitiveness while standardizing and automating operations in internal operations.
In light of this situation, Taira Promote and Oro Vietnam will start a collaboration to strengthen their responsiveness and competitiveness in the increasingly complex and sophisticated digital marketing field.

Due to the recent diversification of digital services and customer needs, digital marketing has been increasingly adopted across various industries, with a focus on optimizing diverse channels and enhancing customer experiences.
All business requires advanced approaches that integrate various elements such as data, platform, creative content and automation with a range of skills and expertise in digital marketing.
However, as competition intensifies and customer demands rise, clients has been facing difficulties since differentiation has become increasingly challenging with conventional marketing methods.
In light of this situation, Taira Promote and Oro Vietnam are initiating collaboration to strengthen our capabilities and competitiveness in the increasingly complex and advanced field of digital marketing.

2. Outline of Collaboration

Utilizing deep industry knowledge and expertise of Taira Promote in automotive & mobility, manufacturing and healthcare along with creativity, and combining them with strategic and technical expertise of Oro Vietnam in digital marketing, we will build cross-functional team and provide joint services for our clients in digital marketing area.

Sales collaboration of digital marketing services through sharing of both parties’ customer bases.


oRo Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Foundation: 1st of March, 2013

Office Address: 5F PLS Building, 30 Nguyen Thi Dieu, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Representative: General Director Yoshimasa Fukuda

Marketing Communication Business

・Support Corporate Digital Strategic Planning

・Planning, Implementation, and Operation of Various Marketing Promotions

・Support Overseas Marketing Promotion

Taira Promote SG Pte. Ltd.

Foundation: 1st of March, 2011

Office Address: 137 TELOK AYER STRET #05-07, SINGAPORE, 068602

Representative: Director Tomoyasu Taira, Takahiro Kanoh

Digital Strategy & Solution Business

・Digital Transformation: Support Strategic Planning/Execution

・Digital Commerce: Support Planning, Design, Development, and Operational Support

・Digital Marketing: Support Content Creation

・xR Solution: Support Development of Content and xR Platform

・Generative AI: Support Planning, PoC, and Development of Solutions using Generative AI

・Cloud Architecture: Support Design and Implementation

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