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innovation for new technical documents

The initiative solution specialised for tablets

Innovative technical documents, Neither video nor still image, But totally interactive.

Seekence's impact could be greater than any other solutions in recent technology field.
It may also achieve massive innovation than any other explanation in modern world.

How it works

From the tip of your finger, a new form of technical documentation can be seen.

  • Play using your fingertip to slide the bar to see the process or work
  • Click on the part's name for brief description
  • A new innovation UI which manipulates time

Seekence :II allows you to control time freely with just a fingertip, repeating the flow as many times as you want until you understand the information. A new innovation of technical documentation.

Anytime a user needs relevant or supplementary information, the user is able to bring out the desired information at the desired time.

An Interface that is simple yet sophiscated, and with nimble operablitiy, the user is able to look at it repeatedly, maximizing the interest of the user.

System & Mechanism


Seekence:II the new innovation specially adapted to tablets, the new kind of technical documentation.

Recommended for such cases

Those who want an innovative educational tool which piques the interest of everybody.
For those who want to make it a charming and appealing technology without relying on the skills of the salesperson.
For cases where its hard to convey through words. However the cost of making a video is over the budget.

Main uses:

  • Technical education tool
  • Technology based tool
  • Product marketing/sales promotion tool and etc.

System & Mechanism
CKD Biochemical

The new and fascinating technology specialised for tablet

As the technical documentation professional, we utilize the know-hows, as well as planning, designing, and production of technical documents incorporated into an innovative UI, which cannot be found anywhere else. With Seekence: II, even the flow of complex movements and systems are explained easily, within the rule which we strictly adhere to, the “5 seconds” rule. This ultimate abstract work can only be done with Seekence:II for sure. Delivering the achievement of overwhelming clarity, nimbleness, and easy to understand. The charm of Seekence:II is the ability to understand by just touching the screen. And to show you that, we are freely giving you a demonstration.

Seekence is the unique blend of simplicity and capability of describing technology in a convenient way.