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  • 介護現場の「知りたいこと」と「知ってほしいこと」をテクノロジーで繋ぎます Quad Lab
  • 介護現場の「知りたいこと」と「知ってほしいこと」をテクノロジーで繋ぎます Quad Lab

Quad Lab Co., Ltd. Is a group company of Taira Promote Co., Ltd. that promotes "No-Lift Care" and "No-Lifting Care" with the power of communication and healthtech.


Putting smiles to the nursing care
through technology

Quad Lab supports the operation of No Lift️ Labo, which is the foundation of Japan No Lifting Association, and is a company that supports the ability to convey No-Lift Care and No-Lifting Care in healthcare.

Key to solve

Based on the future that "No-Lift Care" and "No-Lifting Care" are aiming for and the knowledge of occupational safety and health in the manufacturing industry that we have cultivated so far, we are trying to resolve problems in the environment surrounding nursing. We aim to develop solutions that utilize technology to create an environment that makes people smile.

Quad Lab will walk together
hand in hand until
the care site is full of smiles


We continuously analyze the aggregated data and actively make efforts to have it used as a useful information source for all people involved in long-term care.


The development of an assessment app using no-lift and no-lifting principles to create an environment for "next-generation care" will be completed by this year, and we plan to move on to on-site concept verification. Moving into the future, by collecting and aggregating data not only from apps but also from various nursing care devices and nursing care robots, we aim to develop a solution that can contribute to improving the on-site environment, the QOL of patients and scale up to all facilities.


Quad Lab supports the operation of "No Lift Labo" set up in Kobe by the No Lift Association.

"No Lift Labo" is not only a place to develop and verify solutions that can contribute to improving the on-site environment and QOL, but also an open place where everyone can participate, not only for those involved in long-term care, but also for the community.

No Lift Labo Sponsored Equipment Manufacturer

"No Lift Labo" is a space that
gives everyone imagination and awareness.


Quad Lab plays the role of a collaborator who creates "solutions that brings smile to nursing care site" with technology in collabration with consortium aimed at developing next-generation care and healthcare-related companies .

  • 一般社団法人日本ノーリフト協会
  • 産総研
  • 東京大学

Quad Lab

Quad Lab Co., Ltd. is a group company of Taira Promote Co., Ltd.

Company Name QuadLab Co., Ltd.
Directors Kanoh Takahiro
Address 1-88 Tokiwacho, Toyota, Aichi 471-0867 Japan
TEL (JP) 050-5897-3941 / (SG) +65 8318 9650
Business Creating solutions for next-generation care by utilizing technologies such as robotics, AI, and IoT
Foundation July, 2019

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