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Accelerate Upskilling & Reskilling of Your Workforce by Immersive Learing in a era of rapid change.

Unleashing the Potential: Immersive Learning Transforms Education for Future Success

Immersive learning introduces learners to a dynamic educational landscape, where they can actively engage with simulated environments, objects, and scenarios. This immersive approach cultivates a deeper understanding and enhances knowledge retention.

By leveraging immersive devices such as headsets or mobile applications, students gain the ability to explore realistic simulations, manipulate digital objects, and collaborate with peers remotely. This transformative approach transcends physical limitations, allowing for experiential learning, skill development, and problem-solving in a safe and controlled virtual space. It paves the way for an education that is more engaging, inclusive, and personalized, equipping learners with the necessary skills for future challenges.

Prepare to witness an educational revolution as digitalization propels “Genchi Genbutsu” to new frontiers. Taira Promote leads the way as a trailblazer, visualizing the training and learning process through cutting-edge XR materials while pushing the boundaries of skill development.

Unleashing the Potential: Immersive Learning Transforms Education for Future Success

The transformations lead us to the new stage

By establishing a connection between on-site KPIs and education, valuable insights can be gained, enriching the learning process. Through the digitization of education data, a transformative cycle takes shape, continuously refining and enhancing the educational product.

Flexibility in Learning: XR Learning empowers learners to train anytime, anywhere using virtual vehicles via metaverse platforms. A wide array of courses caters to specific objectives, while the system seamlessly integrates pre-learning, repetitive learning, and distance learning. Real-life materials complement traditional methods, offering a comprehensive educational experience with metaverse technology.

Accessible Learning for All: XR Learning eliminates the need for high-spec devices as the virtual space creation is handled by the cloud. Learners can leverage XR Learning on their regular PCs or tablets. Group training becomes feasible by bringing multiple users together in a shared virtual space. Remote education flows seamlessly, even in the absence of in-person instruction.

Global Education, Unified Experience: Our online education service ensures a consistent learning journey for engineers across the globe. Learners can track their progress and learning path through personalized dashboards.
Administrators harness this globally accumulated data for benchmarking, facilitating discussions, and analyzing training outcomes.

The transformations lead us to the new stage

Improve your education quality

Implementing immersive Learning within an enhanced system can significantly enhance its effectiveness. Taira Promote offers a comprehensive solution that elevates the quality of your education system.

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) embraces a bottom-up approach to learning, prioritizing individual users and tailoring content based on their job roles, skills, and interests. The LXP supports employees in discovering relevant tasks, nurturing their personal growth, and planning for long-term career advancement.

We have developed a new model that allows for the upload of various types of learning materials, enabling both training providers and learners to explore different educational systems and choose the ones that best suit their needs. Furthermore, our model integrates social communication platforms, providing learners with a space to freely share their thoughts with individuals from around the world. Importantly, learners can consistently track their own study paths to ensure they are making progress toward their intended goals and adjust whenever necessary.

Improve your education quality

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