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New era of Customer Experience:
The Rise of "Digital Human"

Businesses must proactively develop new touchpoints to connect with their customers in the future.

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer experience, businesses are increasingly leveraging state-of-the-art technology to provide exceptional service. One of the most groundbreaking innovations in this space is the introduction of “Digital Human”, which has revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers.

These conversational agents powered by LLM-technology combine the benefits of chatbot technology with realistic human-like visual and audio representations, creating immersive and personalized interactions. In this case study, we explore the remarkable capabilities and significant advantages of digital human across diverse business domains.

What is Digital Human?

Chatbots have long been employed in corporate customer service. However, thanks to advancement in LLM-technology, a new breed of chatbots known as ‘Digital Humans’ has emerged. These ‘Digital Humans’ can now comprehend conversations at a speed comparable to real-life interactions and provide more intricate responses. Unlike conventional chatbots limited to their learned knowledge, Digital Humans, with the integration of LLM and machine learning, have greatly enhanced accuracy in understanding and answering questions.

As a result, numerous companies are now drawn to the potential of ‘Digital Humans’, capable of engaging in conversations that closely resemble interactions with real humans. Nvidia, for instance, has developed a feature called SmartNPC, enabling users to interact with characters (NPCs) that have not been explicitly programmed for communication. This further showcased the exciting possibilities surrounding ‘Digital Humans’.

How do Digital Human transform customer experience?

24/7 Availability: Digital humans are accessible round the clock, offering instant assistance to customers regardless of the time or location. This eliminates the need to wait for human agents, resulting in quicker response times and improved customer satisfaction.

Cost Reduction in Sales: Digital humans can handle almost all customer inquiries; they alleviate the burden on sales representatives who would otherwise need to repeatedly check product specifications and performance. This enables sales staff to focus on their core activities, leading to enhanced efficiency and increased sales.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers can now inquire about products at any time, granting businesses a range of expanded touchpoints. The integration of the Metaverse aspect further enriches the existing offline and online touchpoints, requiring businesses to provide a broader specturm of customer experiences.

Digital Human transform customer experience

(Idea of the customer experience in automotive industry)

The Case

By harnessing the power of LLM, we specialize in crafting Digital Sales Assistants. Our model comprises two key processes: data ingestion and avatar response. Through advanced voice analysis capabilities, we can grasp the customer’s emotions and faithfully portray them through our digital human representation. Moreover, as certified AWS Solution Architects, we provide comprehensive solutions by seamlessly integrating a wide range of applications.

Data Ingestion Process

Furthermore, we possess the capability to leverage Unreal Engine 5 to construct an immersive metaverse environment which closely resembles reality. Within this digital realm, customers can interact with digital humans, providing them with an unparalleled and captivating experience. This empowers the customers to access product information anytime and anywhere, eliminating the necessity of visiting physical stores or engaging directly with sales personnel in the metaverse platform.

Visual Showroom
Large Language Modal in Visual Showroom

Digital humans offer a substantial advantage when it comes to boosting brand awareness and acquiring leads in marketing endeavors. This advantage proves beneficial not just for customers but also for companies, as they establish new touchpoints with their customer base. By leveraging the customer information gathered in the metaverse, including attributes, interests, and inquiries, companies can employ highly personalized marketing strategies. The integration of the metaverse with online platforms (websites, social media, etc.) and physical stores completes the customer experience in this new era.

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